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Welcome to the new RPGTAB web site. This site is destined to be devoted to the playing of pencil and paper RPG's using Android tablets to reduce the amount of paperwork. Please do not mind the construction debris, and feel free to email appbrewers@gmail.com with any suggestions, apps you feel should be included, or sites we should mention.

Many, many years ago I had a dream - to use computers to take some of the drudgework out of gaming. It was the early 80's and I had just gotten a Texas Instruments TI-99 4A. I proceeded to attempt to write a helper program on it for the game "Starfire" with the help of my friend Lee (who was actually studying computer science at the time). We churned out many, many lines of code in TI basic, setting up all the things we wanted the computer to do. We were about 75% done and suddenly the system told us we had used up all the available memory - all 4k was gone! I was so bummed I gave up on computers then and there and didnt touch another until the 486's came out.

Around 1998 I was doing a lot of HTML for businesses and I was also DM'ing AD&D 1st edition a lot. The idea struck me to convert the DM screen tables into a webpage on my computer to make them easier to reference. My 20 year old DM's screen had a few too many coffee, coke and beer stains on it to be completely legible anymore. This worked great, but sitting at the table with a big old CRT just didnt cut it. A couple of years later I managed a used laptop, but still it was clunky and awkward to use. Attempts were made with the early windows CE hand held computers (too small and slow), windows XP tablets (Hot heavy and bulky) and I got more than a little discouraged. Then a few years later the tablets started appearing. They were perfect. 7-10" screens and light enough to hold in one hand - I convinced my friend Devin, who was an accomplished programmer, to learn android programming and we worked together to produce android apps, among which were apps based on a couple of beer brewing programs I had written for windows CE, and an app based on that old webpage of tables I had once put together. They were wonderful. I stopped using a DM screen altogether and just went with first 1 then 2 and now several tablets.

There are others doing this - making cool apps for android gaming - and I want to gather the best I can find here so they are easy for gamers to find. Writing these apps is not an endeavor anyone starts to make money. The market is too small and too flooded with free stuff, but there is nothing saying we can't have fun doing what we love. And - thats what gaming is supposed to be about - fun.

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